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Are You Afraid of Your Deodorant?

Is Your Deodorant Harming Your Body?

If you’re reading about natural deodorants, you’ve probably come across the

rumors that certain chemicals in deodorants and antiperspirants might lead to various cancers, cognitive disorders, allergies, and skin irritation. Is this truth or speculation?

The fact is, deodorant and antiperspirant ingredients enter the body through our armpits and olfactory system (sense of smell). That means whichever ingredients are used to make deodorant sticks and sprays you use each day are making their way through your bloodstream. The more often you apply, the more chemicals and synthetic ingredients are entering your body.

Sweating is OK!

Sweating helps the body achieve equilibrium, regulate temperature, and expel toxins that have made their way into your system. Not sweating at all isn’t normal or healthy. The chemical-laden deodorant sticks and aerosol sprays you can find at the local drugstore tend to clog pores and make it impossible for your body to sweat the way it’s designed to do. Organic, natural deodorant will still help eliminate unpleasant body odor. Natural deodorant helps keep bacteria from mixing with salt and water on the skin while allowing your body to eliminate toxins the way it should.

Sweat doesn’t cause body odor, but when it’s combined with bacteria on your skin it can leave you smelling, well a little stinky, for lack of better terms.

What are the Benefits of Natural Deodorant?

Switching to a great natural deodorant is often the first move towards a clean-living natural skincare regime. It says a lot about the way you relate to your body and your overall health.

Natural deodorant has benefits both for your skin and the environment. And the best part? It’s just as effective as the traditional roll-ons and spray cans that you might be used to. Finding the best natural deodorant for your body and lifestyle may take some time, but it’s worth making the big switch.

Explore more benefits of naturally derived ingredients below.

Natural Deodorant Helps Stop Odor Naturally

Sweat isn’t actually the culprit. Sweat doesn’t cause body odor, but when it’s combined with bacteria on your skin it can leave you smelling, well a little stinky, for lack of better terms. Natural deodorant doesn’t stop your skin from sweating; it neutralizes the odor. The ingredients in natural deodorant help conceal bad odors using potent botanicals found in nature.

Regular Deodorant Could Make Your B.O. Worse

We’ve all done the sneaky 1-2 sniff test under our arms. If you find yourself constantly reapplying traditional deodorant, it could be because the aluminum and other chemicals are building up on your skin. When they mix with the natural bacteria that cause sweat, the odor can get worse. On top of that, the chemicals are what give you those pesky white stains on your clothing.

Natural, Organic Ingredients is Skin-Friendly

If you remove your armpit hair, you know how sensitive the area can be. After you shave or wax, the last thing you want to do is load up your delicate skin with chemicals and aluminum. Plant-based ingredients won’t clog your pores and provide a smooth, skin-conditioning feel.

If you’re someone with sensitive skin or suffer from skin allergies, the artificial fragrances in deodorants can cause rashes and allergic reactions. Looking closely at the label can help leave your skin feel soft and calm rather than red and irritated.

Toxins Harm the Body

If you're concerned about protecting your body, choosing a deodorant made with natural and responsible ingredients helps ensure that you get the odor-blocking protection you need while keeping your health and wellbeing in mind.

Does Natural Deodorant Really Work?

One of the biggest concerns is whether organic and natural deodorants really work? If you’ve tossed out your stick or aerosol can in favor of a more armpit-friendly alternative, you might be wondering how they work.

Natural deodorant for men and women work the same. Unlike traditional deodorants, natural doesn’t cater to a specific gender. The best natural deodorants for women and men avoid using synthetic and artificial ingredients for more environmentally and skin-safe components. While there are plenty of natural, organic deodorant picks on the market, it’s important to understand which ingredients will help give you the best results.

How Does Natural Deodorant Work?

Natural deodorants won’t plug sweat glands, and they don’t contain the often-worrying ingredients we mentioned before. Instead, they’re made with ingredients that are compliant with your body chemistry.

  • Disinfecting Ingredients - Natural deodorants are often made with disinfectant and antibacterial properties, like coconut oil and some essential These help neutralise the odour that’s caused by naturally-forming bacteria on the skin.

  • Pleasant Scent - Most organic deodorants are scented naturally using essential oils to block body odour and leave you smelling fresh.

  • Absorbent Ingredients - Naturally absorbing ingredients like clays or baking soda help combat pesky underarm stains and excessive moisture.

Tips for Switching to a Natural Deodorant - What to Look For?

Making the switch is as easy as changing a tube of toothpaste. Natural deodorant works the same way as any other type. You put some under your arms and continue with your day. No frills, no drama. Just fresh-smelling armpits!

When you’re ready to hit the refresh button on your pits, browse organic & natural deodorant brands that other natural-enthusiasts enjoy. If a product has stellar reviews - there’s usually a reason for it.

Best Natural Deodorant Australia

Are you ready to show your armpits some much-needed love? The best natural and organic ingredient-based deodorant will help your skin feel nourished, clean, and protected while working with your body’s natural systems and processes.

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