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Skin-softening and exfoliating Pink Himalayan Salt is a brilliant natural exfoliator that will blast away dead cells for softer, brighter-looking skin. Whilst regular salt can be drying, the minerals in Himalayan salt help to restore deep hydration to the skin. Encourages blood circulation, exfoliation stimulates blood flow, instantly giving your skin a rosy, healthy flush. In the longer term, improved blood circulation is thought to boost collagen production, and maintaining higher levels of collagen within our bodies as well as helping fend off signs of premature aging such as sagging skin and wrinkles. Potentially soothes eczema and psoriasis. Eczema and psoriasis are two of the most common skin issues, and sadly, there’s currently no cure for either. However, Pink Himalayan Salt is widely praised for the alleviating benefits it can offer both eczema and psoriasis sufferers. Because Himalayan salt is hydrating, mineral-rich, and anti-inflammatory, people often report that their eczema and/or psoriasis looks and feels much better after a relaxing sole soak. Simply allow your skin to soak in the solution for a few minutes, pat dry with a clean towel, then apply moisturiser to the affected areas. Epsom salt is used to relax muscles and relieve pain in the shoulders, neck.  This benefit can also aid sore muscles in the recovery period after a workout.  Our bath salts are all sented wiht Sea Salt and Orchid fragrance oils.

Pink Himalayan & Epsom Salts for Soothing Bath

  • Sea Salt and Orchid



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